What We Do To Be Eco-Friendly

As a small business we are better able to control the size of our ecological "foot print".

* Locally - By not having a store front, we don't add air pollution by:
1) burning fossil fuels or use electricity to heat our business;
2) having clients driving to our business in their vehicles (burning fossil fuels);
3) having employees driving their vehicles to work (burning fossil fuels).

* Nationally - The U.S.A. servers that host our client's websites are eco-friendly by using power from Wind Generators and Solar Panels.
Again, doing our part to reduce the emissions from the use of fossil fuels.

* Globally - We continue to search for other ways to make Desert Star Promotions eco-friendly by:
1) Using electronic billing and offering electronic payment options to our clients.
2) Encouraging our clients to "do what they can" to use eco-friendly businesses, and reduce their "foot print" at home by Reducing, Recycling, and Re-using what they can.
3) Seeking out other ways we can "do our part".

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