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It began with a personal website that grew to 35 pages. Over time, I built & hosted FREE Memorial websites.
We then created A Sanctury (designed to provide support survivors of abuse).
Began building websites to support the A Sanctuary website.
This was just a start into the competitive realm of web-design, none the less, it was a beginning.
Having built about 20 different websites, this was the first build and hosting for clients.
onward into
the Future

Giving Back
How we give back to the community

1) Our Goal
Meeting your web-presence needs.
2) Our Mission
Where does your money go? After administrative expenses, the fees you pay fund "A Sanctuary".
"A - A place to finally heal from the effects of abuse / assault, or learn what someone may be going throughTM"
For anyone that reachs out from the darknes, you ensure that
"A Sanctuary" will be there.

Services Explained

Back-Up servers;
We have Datacenters (servers) located in both Lansing, Michigan, USA for .com sites (live) and in Newport Pagnell, United Kingdom (50 miles north of London) for .net sites (back-up).
If a catasrophic event, like an earthquake, flood, lightning strike or an extended regional power outage (Northeastern USA suffered a total power outage in 2003) your website will always be avialable to your clientele via the back-up server (or if desired, the .com site can be re-oriented to the back-up server [this can take 24 hours]).
No other hosting provider offers you this service for free.

HTML Sites;
HTML has been here since the beginning. It is rock solid, yet dated, form of web page coding. While there are no bells or whistles, it can still be sufficient to meet a client's basic needs, a functional website with a basic layout.
Another benefit of these "older" style is that it loads very fast (dependent on the number of images), a benefit that keeps visitors on your website. Only modest fees are needed to constuct this style of website. Keep in mind that this reference is solely to constuct the site, you will still need a hosting service (we do this) to have your site visible.

CSS Sites;
CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheet and is designed to ease web page coding. It does so by allowing the reference layout coding in a php format. By doing so, the intention is that if you want to change the color of the links on all the pages of your website from blue to green, you can do so by changing the code in the CSS style sheet and the changes will take place throughout your website.
As an extension of HTML it has the same benefits, fast loading (dependent on the number of images) still keeping visitors on your website. Be mindful that we have a limited knowledge of the CSS parameters and that is why you are offered this service at a substantionally reduced price. However, we will outsource some work to ensure that your needs are met.

Flash Sites;
To Flash or not to Flash, that is a question. Flash websites (like this one) do offer a more "professional" look. It's intention is to draw visitors in through the use of sliding or animated imagery. Many find this appealing, yet it comes at a price.
Flash websites typically show a blank white page while the site is being loaded, although some flash website do load a backgroud image or an animated spinning circle or other progress indicator to inform the visitor how long it is going to take to load the site. It is ironic that this animated progress indicator actually adds to the load time of the page. Due to the complexity of the flash website, it comes at a higher price than the HTML and CSS sites. Be aware that we have a limited knowledge of the JavaScript language and parameters and this is why we offer flash templates at a substantionally reduced price. However, we will outsource some work to ensure that your needs are met.

Hosting Services;
Hosting services are simply having your site present, and is offered at a reduced price. This reduction in price is due to the fact that you will need to make changes to the coding as necessary to change the content presented on your site. This will require some level of knowledge.

We cannot be responsible for the results or the outcome of such changes.

Website Management;
Website Management is preferred by most clients and includes both hosting and maintenance of the site. This means that should you need to have changes in the content that is on your site, or the presentation of that content (bolding, underlining, italics, or change of the font size or color, we will only need to be requested of the specific changes desired and said changes will be implemented. Obviously this service is provided at an additional cost.

We offer this higher level service with limitations, i.e. up to one hour of time for said changes per week. Why? Because without these limitations it would be easy to end up changing an entire page (or even many page's) layout. Thank you for your understanding.

VPS (Virtual Private Server);
VPS is a service with which your website is allocated a specific amount of serviing properties. Let me try to explain. Typically, people purchase Shared Hosting, which is a server that has a specific amount of serviing properties just like VPS server, let's say 100GB (100,000MB) of storage, 10GB RAM, and 4 each 2.0GHz processors. When it is said that there is "Unlimited" add-on domains, sub-domains, and storage (which means about 750mb) of storage (per account), and "unlimited" bandwidth (the amount pages [data] that visitors ask for), they are not really "Unlimited", and pushed beyond the limits this cuts in to the other clients that share the same server (their site is slower). This is when the hosting provider will cut back on your resources, slowing your website instead of having their other clients suffer.
All that said, with VPS, there will be a few clients (instead of 25 [for instance]) served on a VPS server and there is more than enough resources to go around.

We do not offer this service at this time, yet will remain open to offering these services should our clients need this higher level with fewer limitations. Thank you for your understanding.

Online Store;
Do you want to make your services or product available for purchase online? We can help with that. Doing so will be a convenience that many of your customers may appreciate. Additionally, you will be able to reduce your payroll which is always the most expensive outlay of your income, sometimes to the detriment of your business (the cost of having employees available to be open so many hours per week is greater than the income generated by being open that amount of hours.
Truely setting up an online store is not a small undertaking. The initial expense is significant, and someone must ensure that the quantity of a service or product is available, and with the anticipated additional sales, there will be both shipping and maintaining an adequate inventory of the services or products listed in your online store.
The desired end result is that you move more services or products through your online store which offsets the initial set-up and ongoing maintenance and shipping cost. An online store is almost like starting up a business, some research must take place, perhaps surveying or inquiring current customers as to whether they would appreciate the offering of this additional service and how much they would use it.

In summary, the decision to open an online store is one that should be taken with care, as a forgotten aspect is that the additional traffic (visitors) to your website may require the transition to VPS hosting. Additionally, unless you chose to have your client use PayPal as a purchasing option, there will be the additional costs of securing your site through the purchase of SSL (a locking program that creates a secure site), and a dedicated IP address (required to untilize SSL).


Our Address

We have Datacenters (servers) located in:

> Portland, Oregon, USA for .org/.com sites (live)

> Milton Keynes, United Kingdom for the .net sites (back-up).

It is our preference to correspond via our Customer Support System or email to ensure that your needs and concerns are well documented.

This prevents mis-understandings, perhaps costly ones.

While we do give our business mailing address and telephone number to our clients, they are not released to the public.

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